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Electric Bed

Functions of Electric Bed
First, the lifting function
1. Simultaneous lifting of the bedside bed:
1.1 According to the height and clinical needs of medical staff, the bed height can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 1-20cm space;
1.2. Increase the space between the ground and the bottom of the bed to facilitate the insertion of the base of the small X-ray machine, clinical examination and treatment instruments;
1.3. It is convenient for maintenance personnel to check the product for maintenance;
1.4. It is convenient for the nursing staff to deal with the dirt.
2. It can be tilted in the range of 0°-11° to facilitate the clinical examination, treatment and nursing of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and related critical patients. 3. Rising before and after falling (ie, raising the bed at the end of the bed).
4. It can be tilted arbitrarily in the range of 0°-11°, which is convenient for the examination, treatment and care of postoperative patients and related critical patients (eg sucking, gastric lavage, etc.).
Second, sit up and lie down function
In addition to lying flat, the bed back plate can be raised and lowered in the range of 0°-80°, and the leg plate can be arbitrarily lowered in the range of 0°-50°. Patients can choose a suitable sitting angle in the bed to meet the needs of eating, taking medicine, drinking water, washing feet, reading newspapers, watching TV and moderate physical exercise.
Third, the left and right turn function
The three-point arc-turning design allows the patient to turn around in the range of 0°-60° to prevent hemorrhoids. There are two types of time to turn over and turn over at any time when needed.
Fourth, the toilet function
4.1. Built-in toilet, mobile toilet cover, movable baffle at the front of the urinal, hot and cold water storage tank, cold water heating device, hot and cold water conveying device, built-in hot air blower, external hot air blower, cold and hot water gun And other components, constitute a complete solution system.
4.2. Semi-disabled patients (hemiplegic, paraplegic, large and weak, postoperative patients to be recovered) can complete the series of actions such as unwinding, flushing, hot water washing, hot air drying, etc. with the help of nursing staff; Operation, automatic completion of all procedures for the release of the hand; in addition to the special design of the stool monitoring and alarm function, for the full disability and unconscious patients, the nursing bed can be automatically monitored and processed, completely solve the problem of patients' bed and stool.
Features of Electric Bed
(1) All the accessories and materials of the products are made by famous brand manufacturers at home and abroad to ensure the safety of the materials and the quality of the products.
(2) Multiple protection schemes are applied to wires, cables, switches, sockets, plugs, control boxes, etc. to ensure that users can use them under special conditions (such as moisture and electronic interference).
(3) The high-strength, high-wearing centrally controlled silent casters make the bed flexible, light and convenient, and have good braking devices.
(4) The maximum tilt angle for sitting up and turning over is within the scope of conservative use.
Yongfa Medical is one of the leading China factory and suppliers, specialized in the electric bed. Top quality, great selection and expert advice are our main advantages. We provide you cheap electric bed for sale with reasonable price and satisfactory service.
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