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Basket stretcher
May 02, 2017

Also known as "Stoke Basket" (Stoke Basket), the market common for the two types: aluminum alloy; synthetic resin; its shape and its name is similar to a "boat". When the trapped person is trapped, the trapped person is placed in a stretcher, and the stretcher is surrounded by the "raised" edge with the front flat belt to "trap" the inside of the stretcher. This will not leave the stretcher because of the displacement of the stretcher (such as turning, shaking). Behind the security, there are some hidden dangers. If the trapped people are obese, and tied to the front of the flat belt too tight for too long, it is easy to cause trapped chest tightness, suffocation. North American fire industry will be due to improper handling caused by trapped people died in the basket stretcher of the situation known as the "iron coffin" (early basket stretcher for aluminum).