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Main Features Of Super Two Column Electric Bed
Jul 23, 2018

This electric medical bed has :

-With one wheel for direction guidance

-The bed length is extensible with a scope of 15cm

-With control built in side rail,the patient can get access to the operation button easily from both sides

-With the nurse control built is inside the bed foot panel

-CPR function is accessible from both sides of the bed

-Lifting pole:It is made of round stainless steel tube,which can bear sufficient load of 200kg.With ergonomic triangle without sharo edge.Lifting pole fits in compartment on all four bed sides and is removable. 

-Infusion stand :The IV stand has a four hook machanism with can be folded,Height adjustable,and it can be removable and fitted into four corners of the bed

-Hooks for drainage system 

-Night light

-Linen shelf 

-Oxygen canister holder 

-Battery backup 

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