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Attendant Chair

General hospital wards or professional care facilities are equipped with accompanying chairs to facilitate the rest of the inpatients' families or ward caregivers. The accompanying chair is also called the accompanying bed. The unfolding is a single accompanying bed, which is a seat that is easy to use and saves room space.
This Attendant Chair can be folded as a chair or as a bed break. It is the first choice for accompanying patients, and it is also a good lunch break and duty partner for office workers. It is easy to use and economical. It is suitable for hospital patients' hospitalized nursing chairs. It is a chair during the day and it is a one-bed at night, which is comfortable and convenient.
We have a systematic and advanced research and development center, which is designed to pay more attention to the user's comfort level. In order to enable the nursing staff to rest better, we design this soft leather material, precision welding, soft and comfortable and more durable folding. Accompanying bed chair.
High quality environmentally friendly leather
The leather surface of the bed is clear, natural, and has no odor. The thickness of the leather is also 66% thicker than ordinary leather.
High density rebound sponge
The inner sponge of the bed is highly sponge, moderate in hardness and softness, and has good resilience. It is an essential material for high-end products in China. High foaming sponge is evenly laid to make your spine healthier. The height of the headrest makes your sleep more comfortable.
Extra heavy steel plate
The steel plate is the support frame of the bed, and we use 5mm thick steel plate support at all core parts to ensure the stability of the bed.
High quality pulley
The use of high-quality nylon casters with a diameter of 50mm requires wear resistance and low noise. The feet that touch the ground need to be equipped with plastic mats to prevent slipping and protect the ground from being scratched by metal.
High quality cushion
The outer skin is wrapped with imported xipi, and the sponge is made of 2.5cm thick high-recovery sponge pad with a density of 40kg/m. It is designed according to ergonomic principles and fully considers the convenience and comfort of users.
Yongfa Medical is one of the leading China factory and suppliers, specialized in the attendant chair. Top quality, great selection and expert advice are our main advantages. We provide you cheap attendant chair for sale with reasonable price and satisfactory service.
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