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Stainless Steel Trolley

Medical cart refers to the ward to protect the transfer of medical equipment, surgical instruments, and transport patients. The caregiver's operational burden can be greatly reduced. Stainless Steel Trolley meets GMP standards, has no dead ends and is easy to clean.
It is widely used in electronics, backlights, communications (communications), lasers, precision instruments, photovoltaics, new materials, semiconductors, fiber optic cables, biomedicine, food and beverage, daily chemicals, Various industries and scientific research fields such as animal husbandry and veterinary, bioengineering, universities and laboratories. It is suitable for microelectronics production workshops, clean room storage, storage and handling products, beautiful appearance, and conforms to human-machine principle design.
1 . It adopts stainless steel (201 or 304) and has the advantages of rust prevention and easy cleaning. Beautiful appearance and reasonable design;
2 . The wheel of the car is a heavy-duty design anti-static PU universal wheel with a brake universal wheel;
Custom features:
1 . The car can be customized according to the needs of single-sided or double-sided push hands; 2 . The car can be equipped with the number of brake universal wheels as needed.
Special features:
1. The car can be used for electrostatic spraying and baking of various colors on stainless steel surfaces according to customer's preference. The colors are varied, depending on the heart, more beautiful and more durable;
2 . The car can be customized according to customer needs.
Yongfa Medical has rich experience in manufacturing and marketing stainless steel trolley. And known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various hospital furniture, we can assure you of its high quality, good durability and cheap price. Welcome to buy the quality stainless steel trolley for sale with our factory.
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