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patient manual bed

  • hospital enfant bed

    Contact Nowhospital enfant bedHigh density and transparent basin
    With mattress
    Color can be changed
    Aluminum alloy bed board
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  • 4 Crank Adjustable Hospital Bed

    Contact Now4 Crank Adjustable Hospital BedDescrption for 4 Crank Adjustable Hospital Bed: 4 Crank Adjustable Hospital Bed offers a number of innovations that equal saving over the hospital bed's lifecycle.the bed end panels are durable,impact resistant and washable for wasy cleaning.This bed has 4 cranks that can be folded manually....Read More

  • Multi Function Manual Hospital Bed

    Contact NowMulti Function Manual Hospital BedIntroduction This 3 crank manual hospital bed is designed for patients during their treatment. They are controlled by three hand cranks to raise the backrest, knee Gatch and entire bed height.The side rails are made of aluminum alloy. Around the perimeter of the bed, there are four...Read More

  • YFE311T Three Function Manual Pediatric Bed

    Contact NowYFE311T Three Function Manual Pediatric BedIntroduction of YFE311T Three Function Manual Pediatric Bed : YFE311T Three Function Manual Pediatric Bed's total length is L2090*W850*H480-780mm It is used in pediatric hospitals and is divided into electric and manual. It has an aluminum alloy head/foot plate with an ABS trim panel in the...Read More

  • manual bed with ABS board

    Contact Nowmanual bed with ABS boardThey are controlled by three hand cranks to raise the backrest, knee Gatch and entire bed height.Read More

  • 4 Function Manual Orthopedic Bed

    Contact Now4 Function Manual Orthopedic BedDescrption for 4 Function Manual Orthopedic Bed: The total length of the 4 Function Manual Orthopedic Bed is L2160*W990*H490mm.It comes with an aluminum bed headstock and a sliding dining table.This bed is the best choice for fracture patients. Main features: -ABS decoration panel in the...Read More

  • simple hospital maual bed

    Contact Nowsimple hospital maual bedABS head/foot board,detachable full protection with zero gap,tuck-away
    MS perforated platform with ventilation hole,molded
    Collapsible aluminum alloy Side Rail
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  • Single Manual Hospital Bed

    Contact NowSingle Manual Hospital BedIntroduction of Single Manual Hospital Bed: Single Manual Hospital Beds are usually used for patients in hospitals and clinics.The bed headstock is made of ABS material and main fram is made of stainless steel material,steel stripe type lying platform.The bed back section is adjustable by...Read More

  • Medical Extra-Foldable Bed

    Contact NowMedical Extra-Foldable BedDescrption for Medical Extra-Foldable Bed: Medical Extra-Foldable Bed is suitable for special beds in medical aisles that are temporarily placed in the aisle of patients in hospitals due to bed tension and urgent need for emergency medical treatment. It is characteristics are space saving, safe...Read More

  • manual luxury hospital bed

    Contact Nowmanual luxury hospital bedMulti-function Hydraulic hospital Bed is designed for the customers required hydraulic control beds. With the same functions of normal electric/manual bed.The bed is equipped with ABS head/foot board and ABS tuck-away side rail.MouldedRead More